The Telly

When I’m not forced to cope with rain or taxes that bite into my pay, I have to put up with another thing I hate. That thing is the telly. The telly is an evil machine. Did people in by gone days spend all their time staring at a box? Of course not! Today, nearly every single person spends at least some time each day staring at this ugly box. Are they outside where they should be in the sunshine interacting with other people? Are they at home having a family dinner? Are they doing something useful and important? Of course not! Instead, they’re staring for hours at this stupid little box in the living room. It gets even worse. Most programming is not educational in some way. You never learn much from staring at a screen. They have stupid programs where stupid people do stupid things. We’re all expected to watch the shows on the telly and know all the details about them. You can’t have a conversation with someone without their bringing up someone from the telly who starred in something stupid for a few seconds. I’m expected to know the boring details about the latest television program. Instead of discussing art or politics or anything of any real importance, we talk about the programs on the telly. ¬†Everyone from little kids to seniors has abandoned all common sense in favor of hours of watching this living room devil for too many hours each day.