The Neighbor’s Barking Dog

Another thing I really hate are barking dogs. I have neighbors and they have dogs. You would have thought they’d have asked if I want to have neighbors with dogs but of course not. I get no say whatsoever in the fact. Instead, I have to put up with it and I’m expected not to complain. I’m expected to sit here and listen to them barking. They bark at least ten minutes every other day. Who wants to put up with that? The neighbors expect me to ignore this. They think their dogs are the greatest things on the planet. I think they’re awful noisy creatures who need to be sent away. I have listen to this now and then and it makes me want to run away from home. It’s not that I dislike dogs. When you see them and pet them for a few seconds they’re fine. It’s when they bark and bark all day long. I get stuck having to listen to barking dogs when I’m at home just reading a book not bothering anyone. The sound of the dogs is awful. They’re dogs are unruly. I have to listen to dogs bark and it’s like listening to babies yell. But babies grow out of it. Dogs never do. Five years after the neighbors brought home the dog it’s still barking every now and then, disturbing the peace and making me feel like I live in a dog park rather than my house.