Taxes are Too High

I think the only thing hate worse than barking dogs are taxes. Taxes are way too high right now. I don’t understand why I even have to pay taxes. I’ve done my share to contribute to society. Why can’t the government leave me alone and stop taking money from my account. I know that we need to have taxes to pay for roads and bridges. We also need to have taxes so the stupid next generation might actually learn something. But why me? Why do I have to have money taken from my account? Why I am personally responsible for taxes? Do I drive on every single bridge in the country? Do I sit in every class in the country? Of course not! So why I am being forced to pay all these lousy taxes? I should be exempt from taxes. I’m old and I need all the money I can get in my life. I have expenses to pay. I’d have more money if I didn’t have to pay so much of my income in these high taxes. It’s not fair that I need to pay for things that others use. I look at the pay I get and I see that it would be so much higher if I didn’t have taxes. All those government officials don’t need the money from me. They don’t need to have big fancy salaries just so they can do nothing all day. I need the money more than they do.