Some Things I Like

I get accused to hating on everything. People say that I spend too much time about whining about thing and not enough time appreciating what we have. So here are some of my favorite things. Try these fabulous dishes and you won’t regret it.

Devils on Horseback

I love this appetizer. Now some people say that bacon and prunes don’t go together. They say that prunes are only for old people like me. Well I have news for all you doubters. Prunes are the perfect thing to eat. They are delicious all year long. You don’t have to do anything to them. Add a piece of bacon that you’ve cooked for a few seconds until it’s all brown and place around the prunes and you’ll have a dish that is both crisp and fruity at the same time and who doesn’t like that?


Cheese is one of the greatest things you can ever eat. You’ll never go wrong with cheese. One of my favorite kinds of cheese is headcheese. You take a pig’s head and then you can eat something that’s been turned into cheese. It’s so huge that every single person can have as much as they like. I serve it at parties and everyone sees it. People often tell me they can’t believe I served it to them!

Marmite Sandwiches

I know some people don’t like marmite. They think of marmite as this funny tasting stuff that makes you gag. Well I can tell you that nothing is better than the taste of marmite. It’s even better when you put it on toast. Just put a bit of bread in the toaster oven. Then wait for it it up pop up. All you have to do is put some butter on the bread and then add your marmite. I love to have toast in the morning with some butter and the marmite. To make it extra special, I add salt, a bit of garlic powder and then some raw onions. This is heaven on a plate. I always make sure the bread is hot and the butter is slightly melted so it can be spread easily. You also need to make sure the marmite is room temperature so you can put in on the toast properly.

Calve’s Foot Jelly

I stumbled on this one a few years ago and I’ve been happy ever since. A friend of mine would make it all the time. You can buy it in certain places but I like the idea of making it at home. You need to have the calve’s foot in your kitchen. My neighbors give me funny looks when they see me bringing it home. They have no idea just how delicious the finished product is once you pair it with some crackers. I make this at least once a month so I always have it on hand.

Ham and Banana Hollandaise

This is an old favorite of mine. That’s just what sounds like: ham, some bananas and your perfect sauce. It’s also easy to prepare. All you need are some peeled bananas, a few slices of ham and then a properly prepared Hollandaise sauce. I like to find the ripest bananas I can get ahold of each time. Then I use some ham with flavor in it. You lay the bananas down, top with the ham and add your sauce. That’s all it takes to have the perfect appetizer or even the ideal main course.

Online Trading

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