Rain is Miserable

Some people like the rain. They get all happy when it’s full of cold rain outside. Well not me. I hate seeing it rain. Rain means that you have to get wet when you go outside. Sure I can use an umbrella but even then the water gets in your face no matter what you do. You bring an umbrella with you and five seconds later a small gust of wind comes up and it’s all history. You have to throw that umbrella in the trash and then what can you do. I don’t understand why some people love the idea of spending money on an umbrella and then getting wet anyway. Rain is gloomy and unhappy. My spirit goes down every single time I look out the window and it’s raining yet again. Everything get wet and filthy. My freshly washed car turns into a disgusting thing full of dirt everywhere. When you have to go out in the rain, you always get all your clothing even dirtier. First it starts with your shoes. Your shoes always totally ruined in the rain. Then you socks. My socks always get waterlogged no matter what kind of material I choose. My trousers also get dirty in the rain. No matter how good of a hem I have, it always falls down in the rain and I have to walk around with my legs full of water. Even my shirt gets dirty and cold when I’m out in the rain because the rain coat doesn’t protect me from the rain.