I tried playing the Hall of Gods and Twin Spin online slot and I loved it

I’ve definitely been playing more online games lately, and I’m always looking for something fun and new. One of my buddies who also likes to play games told me to check out some online slots. He specifically recommended the Hall of Gods slot machine and Twin Spin.
Even though I’ve seen commercials for casinos, I haven’t played their online games before. So I decided to track down his suggestions and see if they were any good. I played both of the slots for free in the demo mode, but you can also play with real money if that’s what you want to do.

Online slot games

Honestly, I had to look up exactly what online slot machines even were and how to play them. A quick Google told me there are literally thousands of games. I was glad my friend told me to start with the Hall of Gods slot machine and Twin Spin, so I didn’t have to figure them out myself.
I also found that it’s pretty easy to play. You place bets, spin the reels, and win money. There are some fancy features and betting strategies, but I wasn’t too concerned with that just yet. I learned more once I actually began playing the online slots.
The one thing I noticed is that both of my friend’s recommendations were from NetEntertainment. NetEnt is a software provider that has published a lot of popular games. Spoiler alert: I loved playing the Hall of Gods slot machine and Twin Spin, so I’m going to check out more titles from NetEnt later.

Hall of Gods

I played Hall of Gods before trying Twin Spin. The first thing I noticed when I opened this game was that it looked really cool. It’s obviously themed after Greek mythology because I could identify Odin and Thor’s hammer right away (thanks Marvel). The second thing I noticed was that there were three jackpots at the top, the Mini, Midi, and Mega.
Playing the game was way more fun than I expected. I was playing for free, so I kind of went all out with my bets. I wagered five times on every payline, which increases the chances of winning a lot of coins/cash. I even triggered the free spins feature! Even though I was having fun winning money, I kept being struck by how cool the Nordic theme was.

Twin Spin

The Hall of Gods slot machine and Twin Spin are two totally different slot games. Where Hall of Gods looks like a modern video game, Twin Spin is like a blast from the past. The graphics are sleek and shiny, and the colours are really bright, but it reminds me more of those old-fashioned slot machines than I expected.

Playing this game was just as fun as Hall of Gods. It’s fast-paced and vibrant with awesome background music and sound effects. There are also 243 paylines, which means I won on almost every turn. The Twin Spin feature also helped out, since sometimes identical reels would grow and connect more winning lines together.

Final Thoughts

I’m really glad my friend suggested I start playing online slot games. Even though I’ll stick to demo games and fake money (for now), it was thrilling being able to win and playing around with the bet sizes. The graphics are no joke either.

If you haven’t tried the Hall of Gods slot machine and Twin Spin slot machine, I recommend it. They’re two totally different games that are both fantastic. I can’t wait to try more slots from NetEnt.