Favoriet Oranje Casino but annoying commercials

Commercials that I hate

One thing that I really hate are commercials while watching television. Nobody is watching the screen to look at products the whole time! The only reason I watch TV is to look at the news and a serie that I like, that’s just about it. While watching the serie every night, they force me to look at commercials for exactly 10 minutes, this is just insane! I’m not paying or supporting any network while being forced to buy Kellogg’s. I mean, come on?! There are plenty commercials that I really find horrible and those are the ones that frustrating me the most. Let me just mention a few just to give you a better understanding about my situation.

The Venus Shaving Commercial

This is just out of this world, this shaving commercial is really ridiculous. At this commercial you will see a woman, or a girl (like I would know) get her pink raisor and start shaving her legs with a happy smile on her face. First of all, I think she is very exaggerated because there is really no fun in shaving legs. How can you be happy while shaving your ugly hair away? This is so unbelievable and I think the producers should have known better than this. Even though i’m a guy, i am not feeling it at all. Next thing about this type of commercial is even worse: she is shaving nothing. Like nothing at all. If you take a closer look at her legs you won’t see any hair. She is basically already hairless. Why is she shaving and what is she shaving instead? I find this super frustrating and it doesn’t make any sense to me.

The Roulette Commercial

This is also one of the most horrible commercials that i’ve seen. So, if you haven’t seen this one, let me give a small briefing. In this commercial they showing us a couple who are joining a roulette game. She is wearing a super fancy outfit and he is wearing a tuxedo. After playing a while, she decides to bet on a number instead of the rich guy. He gets mad and don’t let the woman bet, so he is betting on another number. Ofcourse, her number is the lucky number and they both start laughing. Why are they laughing? He was such a jerk to her, why would she forgive him? Why did the producers wanted to show a bad example of how a man should react to a woman? This is very disturbing if you ask me. This commercial is a collaboration between the online casino and the Favoriet Oranje Casino website, so I get the whole online casino theme. But what were they thinking? Stop doing this people.

I know that I can be very critical, but hopefully someone will agree with me. They have to stop with broadcasting stupid commercials that doesn’t make any sense. I’ve checked the page Favoriet Oranje Casino and they seemed to be not happy about it too, so maybe they will remove the commercial eventually. Maybe I should just watch the news instead, because there aren’t any commercials in between. One of our other commercial partners is ETX Capital. They are an online Forex trading company which specialize into trading cyptocurrency coins. You can find out more about them by reading the specialized UK broker ETX Capital review.