Disorganized People Everywhere

Standing in line means that you have to spend time with nothing else to do. No lines have seating. Instead, it’s stand there right behind someone else. And it’s never someone beautiful or at least nice to look at. Instead, you get stuck standing behind some ugly man who hasn’t had a bath in ten years. Or you get stuck right behind someone with three bawling kids who are upset that mummy hasn’t bought them everything they see in the entire store. The kids either look to you to entertain them or they have these new things I think they call I-Phones where all they do is look at a screen playing foolish games for hours. Meanwhile, I have to stand there while mummy goes through her big giant bag to find her credit card because she can’t be bothered getting out the card during the twenty minutes she’s been standing in the queue. This is why I have to put up with in my life today.