A Queue by Any Other Name

My name is Harry and there’s a lot of things I hate. Yell at me all you wish but I think the thing I happen to hate the most is standing around in a queue. I hate lines. Like most people,  my time is precious and valuable. I may be old but you don’t catch me sitting around doing nothing all day now do you. Of course not. I am always out there about and doing something. I know that I need to see the world or as much of it as I can. This is why it really burns me when I run into the worst thing in whole world: lines. I’m forced to stand around and do nothing all day. When I was younger, we didn’t have such lines. We were more organized and efficient. Now, it’s all lines everywhere. You can’t do something without being forced to wait around in a queue. Efficiency has been done away with in favor of stupid people who know nothing and make you wait while they do even more nothing.

You know what I like, though? Slot machines like the mega fortune jackpot slot and the hall of gods slot machine! I’ve been playing at thrills casino for years now. What’s that? Read my friends thrills casino review! You think it’s weird that I’d like going to a casino? Hell no! I wouldn’t go to a casino in a million years! BGO’s an online casino. Don’t even have to leave my house! I sit down and bring it up on the old computer (I hate that thing) and in no time flat I’m spinning the slots. I get to spin it as long as I want to, and I don’t have to worry about some tarted up waitress breathing down my neck trying to force more drinks on me. Don’t even have to worry about cashing out for the day! I can even hop around to different slot machines without a problem. You hear that? Without a problem! Don’t have to stand around in a damn queue all day trying to get to the slot machine I want to get to. BGO might be the best part of my day. Beats the hell out of going into town.